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Statewide ADR Meeting in New Jersey November 19

The New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators is holding its Annual Conference all day Saturday, November 19.  The keynote speaker is Joanna Jacobs of the US Department of Justice’s Office of Dispute Resolution. Read more »

International Panel on ADR as Cost-Cutting Device

As a final report on the proceedings of the recent IBA Annual Conference, on Thursday November 3 Jane Player and I co-chaired a Panel on “The Use of ADR in the Management and Control of Dispute-Related Costs.”  Read more »

IBA Draft Rules for Investor-State Mediation

Two years ago, a session was held at the Buenos Aires IBA Annual Conference on the feasibility of creating a set of rules for the mediation of disputes between investors and States.  The ICSID Conciliation Rules are broadly acknowledged to be clumsy and have seldom, if ever, been used.  For the past year, an IBA Task Force comprising four subcommittees has been working on drafting such rules, and its work was presented in Dubai for comment from the body. Read more »

Multiculturism, and a Critique of Pure Tolerance

At the IBA in Dubai last week, a three-hour session was held on “The Rise of Multiculturalism and Resulting Challenges of Managing Diversity in the Workplace.”  While the subjects discussed were fascinating, the subjects not discussed might have been even more so.   Read more »

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