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London Conference on “Shaping the Future of International Dispute Resolution”

Emma Ewart of the International Mediation Institute writes:

Earlier this year we circulated the article ‘Time for Another Big Bang in Alternative Dispute Resolution’, by Michael Leathes and Deborah Masucci:, proposing a new conference to wake up the field of ADR. We appreciated your words of support in response to that article, and before the official invitation goes to the wider IMI community, we would like to let you know of the upcoming convention ‘Shaping the Future of International Dispute Resolution’, which is the first planned in a series of conferences.

The official invitation can be seen below. All information plus a registration link can be found at:

We hope that you might be able to join us at this ground-breaking interactive convention!

A host of cooperating organizations are joining this effort.  Unfortunately, the invitation did not include an offer to appear as a speaker, and worse yet was not accompanied by a round-trip ticket to London.  Nevertheless I urge those who can, to attend, and to let us know how it went.

European Directive: Assessment Six Years Later

We had previously noted the recent, extraordinarily ambitious and incisive report addressing the current state of the European Directive on ADR.  We now hear from one of its authors, Prof. Giuseppe De Palo, of a conference on the topic in London, that is available worldwide by internet link.  The announcement follows. Read more »

Three Upcoming ADR Conferences

The next few weeks are more than usually packed with high-quality convenings.  The World Mediation Forum will meet in Houston on March 21-22; the ABA Dispute Resolution Section will meet in Miami April 2-5; and the Business Law Section of the ABA (and its Dispute Resolution Committee) will hold its Spring Meeting in Los Angeles April 10-12. Read more »

Multidoor Courthouse on a Global Scale

A young, vibrant and alive mentor once taught me that it costs no more to dream big than to dream little.  And Michael Leathes is dreaming big.

With IMI Chair Deborah Masucci, Michael has recently proposed a “Global Pound Conference.”  Referring to the 1976 conference at which Prof. Frank Sander shared his vision of a “multidoor courthouse,” Masucci and Leathes are calling for an event to “shake ADR out of its slumber” and “kick-start” mediation on a global scale.


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