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CLE Program on “ADR and Young Lawyers”

The ABA Business Law Section is partnering with New York Law School to present a half-day CLE Symposium on “ADR and the Young Lawyer” on Friday morning, January 30.


The event, held from 9:00 to 1:45, features speakers from leading corporations, law firms and ADR institutions, and advises lawyers on how competency in ADR skills can assist them in creating distinctive careers and practices.  3.0 CLE credits are offered and both breakfast and lunch are offered.

The Keynote speaker will be Paulette Brown, President-Elect of the ABA.

Information and registration can be found here.


ABA Dispute Resolution Section Spring Meeting Announced

I have been importuned by the ABA Dispute Resolution Section to remind readers of its upcoming Spring Meeting in Miami,Florida on April 2-5, 2014.  And who better to be importuned by?  It is a great organization and the Spring Meeting has been “the place to see and be seen” since it started in 1999.  The announcement follows. Read more »

Deal Lawyers – Post Scriptum

Michael Leathes, a founder of the International Mediation Institute and former in-house counsel of high accomplishment, has written to correct our immediately prior post:

Regarding the penultimate para, actually there are examples of deal mediations out there.  In fact, we have a little section on the IMI portal devoted to this (  I have done it myself, several times, and also wrote a role-play scenario called Global Warming featuring a deal mediation which was used at a UIA programme in 2007  (

I am correcting the post to reflect this more accurate information, but thought it deserved its own posting.  When one hears directly from the mouth of a horse, one should let others know.

What Deal Lawyers and Dispute Lawyers Can Learn From Each Other

It sometime sometimes seems that the community of business lawyers is divided into two broad tribes:  The lawyers who handle the deals, and the lawyers who handle what happens when the deals fall apart.  Unfortunately, these two tribes too seldom mix.  They don’t go to the same ABA meetings, their spouses don’t dine together, their kids are on different soccer teams.

Yet each has skills that the other would benefit greatly from developing.  Deal lawyers have an approach to problems that litigators would do well to adopt.  And litigators use tools that deal lawyers (and their clients) would benefit from. Read more »

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