Business Arbitration & Mediation Articles

Ancient and Comely Order: The Use and Disuse of Arbitration by New York Quakers

By F. Peter Phillips, 2016 J. DISPUTE RESOL. 81 (2016)
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Recent American Court Decisions Involving Breaches of Mediation Confidentiality

By F. Peter Phillips, IBA Mediation Newsletter (October 2013)

"There is a World Elsewhere": Preliminary Studies on Alternatives to Interest-based Bargaining

By F. Peter Phillips, 13 CARDOZO J. CONFLICT RESOL. 413 (2012)
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Mediating Corporate/Human Rights Disputes in the Tumultuous Sea of Social Networking: Do You Have What it Takes?

By F. Peter Phillips and Jorge Daniel Taillant, IBA Mediation Newsletter (September 2011)

Mediation Committee Sessions

By F. Peter Phillips. IBA Mediation Newsletter (September 2010)

Recent Developments in Commercial Mediation in China

By F. Peter Phillips. New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer (Spring 2010)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Non-Judicial Remedies for Human Rights Violations: Is It Time for the Dog that Didn't Bark?

By F. Peter Phillips. IBA Mediation Newsletter (April 2009)
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Diversity in ADR: More Difficult to Accomplish Than First Thought

By F. Peter Phillips. American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Magazine (Spring 2009)
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Drafting Dispute Management Clauses: Principles of Risk Management for Commercial Contracts

By F. Peter Phillips. ABA/ALI, Practical Lawyer (April 2009)
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Commerical Mediation in China: The Challenge of Shifting Paradigms

By F. Peter Phillips. Contemporary Issues in International Arbitration and Mediation: The 2008 Fordham Papers (2009)
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The European Directive on Commercial Mediation: What It Provides and What It Doesn't

By F. Peter Phillips. New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer (2009)
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The Challenges of International Commercial Dispute Resolution

By F. Peter Phillips. Focus Europe (June 1, 2007)
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New Protocol for Reinsurance Coverage Disputes

By F. Peter Phillips. Risk Management Magazine (April 2007)
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How to Stop Costly Litigation from Ruining Your Results

By Paul Moss and F. Peter Phillips. FAC (February 2007)
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How Conflict Resolution Emerged within the Commerical Sector

By F. Peter Phillips. Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation (January 2007)
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Best Practices in Managing Reinsurance Disputes

By Paul Moss and F. Peter Phillips. Declarations (Winter 2007)
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ADR as a Tool for Management and for Corporate Governance

By F. Peter Phillips. International Bar Association Mediation Committee Newsletter (December 2006)
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ADR: It Remains a White, Male Game

By F. Peter Phillips. The National Law Journal (November 27, 2006)
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Success in China: Adjust Your Expectations and Be Ready to Change

By F. Peter Phillips. Global Link (November 2006)
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Hoping to Avoid a Court Battle? Try Mediation

By F. Peter Phillips. The China Business Review (July-August 2005)
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Ten Ways to Sabotage Dispute Management

By F. Peter Phillips. HR Magazine (September 2004)
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